What is Cosmic Yog ?

Cosmic Yog is the process of becoming one with the universal consciousness. Cosmos means universe and Yog means union. It is the union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness that can manifest anything we desire from our life. It is the science of the cosmoc and the science of the self.

Cosmic Yog is based on the ancient indian science and technology of self-realization and stems from the siddha tradition. The Siddhas are ancient self realized masters who achieved a state of perfection in this union and revealed the deep science of merging our consciousness with the universal consciousness to achive a state of complete fulfillment known as SAT-CHIT-ANAND literally TRUTH, UNIVERSAL WILL, AND ABSOLUTE BLISS.

When a person experiences a state of cosmic yog, he experiences the ultimate truth and his will becomes the will of the universe. In this state, a person has the power to manifest any thought into reality. He experiences absolute power, peace of mind and complete contentment in his life - divine bliss.


Principles of Cosmic Yog

There are 3 main principles that form the backbone of cosmic yog.

1. The human being is a seed of possibility.

For as long as there is breath in the body, there is a possibility for this seed to grow into a tree. The growth must never stop. Weather a person is a child or a 97 year old on his death bed, there is always a possibility to create a future one decides. A person must embrace this principle to the core, and growth must continue throughout life. The day a person decides that he is done, is the day this seed is dead.

2. We do not create what we desire, but we create what we believe.

As the growth must continue, a person continues to manifest more and more throughout his life. But what we manifest is not what we desire but rather what we believe. In cosmic yog, we align our beliefs with our desires to create a formidable cosmic force to make anything and everything a possibility.

3. Our past is our continuous future

The past, present and future exist simultaneously in the dimension of space, and the power to change them lies in the now. The past is not dead as you might think, neither is the future unborn. In cosmic yog, you have the power to alter the past and plant the future.By conquering the time-line through a process called cosmic neuro-completion, we remove the load of the past to make our future a possibility, without any bondage, worry or suffocation of the past.


Goals of Cosmic Yog

The goal of cosmic yog is to enable every person to experience the full potential of the life force energy inside of them. There are 3 fundamental goals defined to achieve this possibility.

1. Cosmic Health On the physical, mental and emotional levels, achieving a state of absolute health forms a foundation of all our life experiences.

2. Cosmic Abundance Weather it is health, wealth, relationships or spirituality, manifestation of our desires into reality enhances our life experience.

3. Cosmic Union Manifesting the cosmic powers within ourselves, enables us to experience our absolute truth, the oneness of all there is and a state of absolute power, peace of mind and divine bliss - SAT-CHIT-ANAND.