Celestial Sounds of Durga Saptshati

(COS 101) The Cosmic Sounds Healing

Durga Saptshati is the most powerful and sacred text of ancient indian scriptures. The 700 celestial sounds and 13 verses were decoded by the ancient Indian masters in deep states of meditation. In these Beej Mantras is the grace of the divine mother capable of changing ones life completely.
These cosmic sounds can bring massive changes in the human consciousness. According to the ancient scriptures, these are the sounds of the prime feminine energy of creation itself. By chanting these sounds and meditating on them a person receives good health, longevity, peace, success, prosperity and deep levels of spiritual contentment.


What You'll Learn

  • Learn about the ancient Indian Sacred Healing mantras of Durga SaptshatiExperience the healing powers within the the Cosmic Sounds with deep Meditations

  • Purify your inner and outer Aura through Subtle Yogic Kriyas and Cosmic Sounds

  • Learn Meditations on the Cosmic Female Energy and experience Peace through Sound Therapy