Cosmic Yog - Mindfulness : Mastering the Mind

COS 104 - Healing the Psychic Impressions and directing the Mind


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Guided meditations are practiced during the course. Kindly make appropriate arrangements.


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Mindfulness - Mastering the Mind Course Overview

Video Contents

1. Pay attention to your thoughts

The mind is always in a flux, so it is very important we pay attention to our thoughts to create a reality we desire rather than accidentally.

2. Meditation - Releasing the Psycic Impressions

Using the power of gratitude, surrender and belief in cosmic intelligence along with powerful mantras we can begin the process of releasing all negative psycic impressions from our mind.

3. Let go of all Negative Emotions

Learn about different human tendencies and how to move towards god tendency by letting go of all negative emotions

4. Meditation - Forgiveness and Acceptance

How forgiving and accepting other heals our own self and the importance of forgiveness in mindfulness

5. Give Direction to the Mind

How giving direction to the mind by keeping our senses sharp and identifying ourselves as separate from the mind helps us move towards our life goals

6. Power of Mind

Reaching the full potential of our mind power, by removing blockages of energy and unwanted negativity residing in the mind. Experiencing non duality with the cosmic mind to fulfill all our desires.

8. Meditation - Gratitude, Forgiveness and Unconditional Love

Meditation to enhance our most powerful emotions of gratitude, forgiveness and unconditional love to reach a state of peacefulness, bliss and contentment of the mind

Guidelines for Practice

Study material on Cosmic Mindfulness, Guidelines on how to continue regular practice daily and further meditation courses online to consider.


Celestial Sounds Course Material

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