Cosmic Pathways ~ DNA Activation & Empowerment

COS 112 - Repairing, Activating and Empowering the DNA Strands in Your Cells Nucleus for a Divine and Fresh New Start to Life


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Cosmic Pathways ~ DNA Activation & Empowerment

Video Contents

What You'll Learn

  • Complete revitalisation of human persona

  • Better sleep, peaceful mind and a relaxed state of being

  • Stress release

  • More than purification at the body, mind and soul level

  • Effecting a process of becoming whole again

  • Undergo powerful transformation at all levels of existence

  • Long lasting, yet immediate results on health of the body, success at work, loving relationships, removal of all hurdles in life.

As medical research and healing therapies discover the psychosomatic roots of every disease, there is a growing need to explore a parallel, Integrative science which seeks to heal the external factors and environment around a human being. These external factors are known to cause a disturbance in vibration and energy, which eventually results in unwanted situations and incidents.

DNA is the genetic material found within the nucleus of all cells in our body. This DNA is responsible for cellular regeneration and carries the genetic information. The quality of DNA determines the kind of life we will manifest in our body. From health to happiness and abundance everything is connected to this basic genetic structure. By activating our DNA we are able to:

1) Dissolve the factors responsible for triggering unwanted responses, stimuli

2) Transform personal situations and circumstances

3) Conscious rebirth to the life force energies within for a renewed outlook towards life

Course Contents

4 sections • 10 lectures • 59m total length

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3 lectures • 8min

  • Introduction to DNA Activation


    DNA activation is the process by which we activate the dormant DNA within us so we we can move towards living our life to our fullest potential

  • What is DNA - Importance & Need for Activation


    Understand what benefits we can receive when our DNA gets activated.

  • Healing DNA and Destructive DNA


    The 2 types of DNA activation - healing and destructive

DNA Activation Using Thoughts & Emotions

3 lectures • 28min

  • Change Your DNA with One Decision


    Powerful technique to alter the very core of your DNA

  • Our Thoughts and Emotions Influence Our DNA


    How emotions and thoughts effect our DNA

  • Cosmic NeuroPathways ~ Rejuvenation (Purification & Healing)


    Meditation to create a rhythm of activating the healing DNA in our body

DNA Activation While You Sleep

2 lectures • 10min

  • Activating DNA while You Sleep


    Utilizing our sleep to gain physical and metal clarity, power and DNA activation

  • Cosmic NeuroSignals ~ Sleep DNA Activation


    Cosmic NeuroSignals for activating DNA while you sleep. Signals to send out before you sleep to become powerful, graceful and intelligent. Experience a deep state of non-dual sleep

DNA Activation through Consciousness

2 lectures • 12min

  • Your Consciousness can Alter Your DNA


    The connection of our consciousness with our DNA, how this effects our life

  • Cosmic NeuroSignals ~ DNA Re-Programming


    Cosmic NeuroSignals to reprogram and energize the DNA to manifest wisdom, power and abundance

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to experience enhanced life energies

  • Cosmic DNA Activation can be understood as the essential and ultimate course, a must on the to-do list of every spiritual seeker as a gateway to beginning the journey of their ascension rising towards achievement of the pinnacle of spiritual practice – Self Realization


Cosmic NeuroPathways ~ DNA Activation & Empowerment

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