Cosmic Genesis ~ Art of Cosmic Rebirth and Empowerment

COS 111 - Cosmic Rebirth to Activate the Dormant Energies and Powers by Purifying and Empowering your Energy Centers


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Cosmic Genesis ~ Art of Cosmic Rebirth and Empowerment

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What You'll Learn

  • The Art of Cosmic Rebirth to activate your dormant powers

  • Purification and Empowerment of Energy Centers or Chakras

  • Removal of Energy Blockages to Enhance the Cosmic Energy Flow

  • Detoxify the System of the Etheric Debris weighing you down

Cosmic Genesis literally means cosmic rebirth. It is a process by which we learn to activate and take control of our inner powers and faculties. As medical research and healing therapies discover the psychosomatic roots of every disease, there is a growing need to explore a parallel, Integrative science which seeks to heal the external factors and environment around a human being. These external factors are known to cause a disturbance in vibration and energy, which eventually results in unwanted situations and incidents. In this first course on cosmic genesis you will:

1. Dissolve any negative blockages from your energy centers

2. Use powerful mantras to release the negativity that is influencing your thought patterns

3. Empower and Protect your energy centers with ancient healing mantras

4. Experience better sleep, peaceful mind and a relaxed state of being

5. Experience the enhanced flow of cosmic energy in your entire body

Course Contents

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Just like a child is born in this world before the process of learning and development can start, in the same way cosmic genesis is the cosmic rebirth of our energies after which we start developing our inner faculties and cosmic powers.

Introduction to Cosmic Genesis 


We only use about 3% of our mind power and only about 3% of our DNA is active. Most people will spend their entire lives with this 3%. By undergoing cosmic genesis, we are able to activate the 97% potential that is within each of us and hence our experience and perception of life is changed completely.

Cosmic Genesis - Importance and Benefits 


The process starts with purifying the energy centers within our body and connecting them to the source of cosmic energy. Once connected, we are able to greatly enhance the flow of cosmic energy inside ourselves and tap in the energy for whatever it is we want to manifest or experience in our life.

Cosmic Genesis Methodology 


–Cosmic Genesis Process


There are certain protocols that are required for us to undergo cosmic genesis. This includes invocations and mantras all of which have a very solid scientific base. However, just like you do not need to know the underlying workings of the engine to drive a car, but just know how to use the ignition key and steering wheel etc, you do not need to know the details of how these mantras and invocations work. Following certain protocols achieves the desired outcome even if you do not understand the underlying science.

Cosmic Genesis Protocol 


Intention to bring a change in the main requirement for cosmic genesis. Unlike in the physical world, where the child will grow regardless of his intent, when developing our inner powers, intention to do so is the first basic requirement.

Intention is the Key 


Thoughts are our vehicles to our inner consciousness. Thought invoke certain emotions in us and these are the gateway to our inner world. It is very important to direct ourselves consciously to certain thoughts to achieve the desired results.

The Power of Thoughts 


Awareness to the breath also draws in the cosmic life force energy along with the air. In cosmic breathing we use the power of this energy to activate and purify our energy centers. Proper breathing techniques is very important to take full advantage of this program.

The Cosmic Breathing Technique 


Sound is a form of energy, and mantras are sounds that carry immense positive vibrations that have the power to completely change the energy configuration within us.

The Power of Mantras 


–Cosmic Genesis ~ Purification and Empowerment


A brief description on the chakras of our body. It is essential to understand the basics of these energy centers so that we can better visualize and direct our energies in the required direction.

Meditation Instructions - Cosmic Genesis Purification 


The meditation process to blast the blockages in our energy centers and connect them to the source of cosmic energy. At the same time we will awaken the latent cosmic power within us called the kundalini shakti, and energize and protect our energy centers to greatly enhance the flow of cosmic energy within us and have a complete change in how we feel within ourselves with this new energy flow.

Meditation ~ Cosmic Genesis Purification and Empowerment of Energy Centers 


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to experience enhanced life energies

  • Cosmic Genesis can be understood as the essential and ultimate course, a must on the to-do list of every spiritual seeker as a gateway to beginning the journey of their ascension rising towards achievement of the pinnacle of spiritual practice – Self Realization


Cosmic Genesis ~ Art of Cosmic Rebirth and Empowerment

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