Cosmic Yog - Energy Bodies Activation

COS 105 - Activate, Purify and Empower the Subtle Energy Bodies


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Activating the Energy Bodies Course Overview

Video Contents

Learn about your 5 bodies. Other than the physical body, we all have 4 more subtle energy bodies, each more powerful than the gross bodies.

Our physical body is the means through which we can gain access to our subtle bodies, so it is important we understand the physical body and why and how we need to care for it.

Learn about sookshama yogic kriyas or subtle exercises that are required to keep the subtle but important parts of the body healthy for life.

What is the prana and how does the pranic energy flow to us and get distributed in our body. Learn about your pranmayakosha or the etheric body

Activate, purify and empower your etheric body with these mindful breathing exercises to enhance the flow of cosmic energy in your pranmayakosha.

The Astral body or the mind body also known as the manomaykosha is made up of all our thoughts and controls our etheric body

8. Meditation - Purify the Astral Body

Meditation to purify and empower the astral body so that we start thinking positive, using the power of gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love.

Understanding the power of the causal body which controls the 3 lower bodies and how to purify this body to take control of the direction of your life

Meditation - Causal Body Purification

Meditation to release the negative psychic impressions, heal past traumas and incidents that cause anxiety from the causal body to purge the root cause of all problems in our life

The Bliss Body

 The bliss body or the anandmaykosha is the purest and most powerful body of all. Once established there, we experience the Shiva consciousness which is oneness with the infinite universe and all our limitations disappear

Meditation - Purifying and Empowering the Spiritual Bodies

Meditation to activate, purify and empower all of our spiritual bodies to realize our true potential.

Guidelines for Practice

Study material on Energy Body Activation course, how to continue regular meditation practice daily and further online meditation courses to consider.


Energy Bodies Activation Course Material

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