Cosmic Yog - Mindfulness : Mastering the Breath

COS 103 - Healing the Body through Pranayama Energy Breathing


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Mindfulness : Mastering the Breath Course Overview

Video Contents

1. Pranayama - Breath is Life

Explanation on the importance of pranayama and subtle exercises to enhance the cosmic energy of our body

Exercises for the subtle parts of the physical body like eyes, neck, wrists etc, that normally do not get the exercises with traditional workout.

Energy breathing techniques to heal the internal organs and enhance the flow of cosmic energy in the body. Exercises include bhastrika, nadi shodhan, kapal bhati and brahmari kriyas.

4. Guidelines for Practice

Study material on Mindfulness - Mastering the Body, how to continue regular meditation practice daily and further online meditation courses to consider.


Mindfulness : Mastering the Breath Course Material

Required Course Material


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