Cosmic Yog - Mindfulness : Mastering the Body

COS 102 - Healing the Physical Body through Mindfulness


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Mindfulness : Mastering the Body Course Overview

Video Contents

1. Cosmic Mindfulness

Understand what cosmic mindfulness means, and how the mind creates. Learn about the positive possibilities in our lives when we get established in our mind.

The importance of being present in the here and now and the power of the mind to heal the body.

Mastering the physical body by mindfulness meditation to attract the cosmic energy and start the healing and rejuvenation process.

With purification of body comes strength. We will learn the importance of focusing our energy on ourselves and why we must take care of our body and mind.

Meditation to heal the intra cellular memory within each and every cell of the physical body.

4. Guidelines for Practice

Study material on Mindfulness - Mastering the Body, how to continue regular meditation practice daily and further online meditation courses to consider.


Mindfulness : Mastering the Body Course Material

Required Course Material