Begin Your Inner Journey


(COS 101) The Cosmic Sounds Healing

Durga Saptshati is the most powerful and sacred text of ancient indian scriptures. The 700 celestial sounds and 13 verses were decoded by the ancient Indian masters in deep states of meditation. In these Beej Mantras is the grace of the divine mother capable of changing ones life completely.

These cosmic sounds can bring massive changes in the human consciousness. According to the ancient scriptures, these are the sounds of the prime feminine energy of creation itself. By chanting these sounds and meditating on them a person receives good health, longevity, peace, success, prosperity and deep levels of spiritual contentment.


(COS 102) Heal and Rejuvenate Your Body

In this transformational Mindfulness Workshop, we’ll explore how meditation can help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Learn to heal and rejuvenate the physical body with the power of the mind.

Understand what cosmic mindfulness means, and how the mind creates. Learn about the positive possibilities in our lives when we get established in our mind

Learn the importance of being present in the here and now and the power of the mind to heal the body.


COS 103 - Mastering the Breath

Leran the ancient technology to master the breath to regulate and heal the body called Pranayama. Energy breathing techniques to heal the internal organs and enhance the flow of cosmic energy in the body.

Learn how to exercise the internal organs of the body by Pranayama for complete health and well being to increase the blood circulation and activate the nervous system.

Breathing exercises include bhastrika, nadi shodhan, kapal bhati and brahmari kriyas to prepare the body for deeper states of meditation.


(COS 104) Release all Negative Psychic Impressions, Past Traumas and Anxiety to Activate Your DNA and Enhance Subconscious Mind

Whether you're looking to increase wellness, build self-confidence or reduce stress, cosmic mindfulness will deliver fast and effective results. Start working towards a life you can be proud of. Use the power of mantras to detoxify the mind of all past traumas and negative psychic impressions so you can start taking control of your life situations. 

  • The latent power of the mind and how to activate it

  • Heal the past negative psychic impressions and traumas

  • Learn the power of forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love

  • Release the negativity of the mind and take control of your life

Haven-style Body Breath and Energy_Linda

(COS 105) Activate, Purify and Empower Your Subtle Bodies

“The body has its own special sacred points just as the Earth has its sacred sites and energy current according to sacred geography. We must learn this sacred geography of our own body in order to attune ourselves both to the Earth and to the greater cosmos.”
Traditionally categorized into three energy bodies known as the Gross, Subtle, and Causal, the spectrum of consciousness contains five fields or "sheaths" loosely labeled food, energy, mind, wisdom, and bliss.
When we activate and learn to enter into higher bodies, our limitations drop. We find we can do many things that we earlier thought impossible - like healing ourselves, materializing whatever we desire and creating wonderful relationships and peace of mind.


(COS 100)  Purify, Empower and Protect

In this course we will take an in depth knowledge of the chakras or energy centers in the human body. The location, colors, energies and mantras. How the chakras supply the cosmic energy to our physical and subtle bodies, the removal of blockages to enhance the flow of energy in our system. 
We will learn and use Mantras for purifying the chakrasand empowerment and cleansing using the cosmic sounds developed by the Himalayan Yogis. Cosmic sounds and meditations to cleanse, purify, empower and protect the chakra system in order to purify our auraand enhance the quality of life.


(COS 107) Boost Your Sexual Health and Cure Sexual Disorders by Enhancing your Libido using Cosmic Energy Breathing Techniques

Many yoga asanas regulate the endocrine system, which we all know produces various hormones critical to optimum sexual functioning. Exercises such as pranayams like bhambri pranayam and anulom-vilom perk up the endocrine organs. Vajroli and ashwini mudras increase blood flow to the genitals, which improves both erectile and orgasmic responses.
Pranayama works on the root cause of all disease by working on the etheric body and enhancing the bodies own healing powers naturally. It is completely safe and has no known side effects and the results are immediate, long lasting and permanent.


(COS 109) Attract Soulmate Love, Heal Toxic Relationship Patterns and Radiate the Frequency to Find & Love Your Life Partner

  • Powerful Cosmic Yog Neuro Completion Meditation to Release limiting beliefs that are currently blocking you from real love and create new, empowering ones

  • Forgive, Release Ties and Heal Wounds That Are Blocking Soulmate Love and Break Repeating Dating, Relationship, Love Patterns

  • Create Powerful Intentions in Your Chit Shakti that Magnetize Your Energy Field to Attract Your Life Partner

  • Attract a Soulmate Partner That Loves and Respects You