Awareness of 5 Bodies

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

God gave us 5 senses, there are 5 fundamental elements in nature and we have 5 bodies. The physical body that we know of and 4 subtle energy bodies. Every subtle body is more powerful than the gross body.

If I talk about myself as I am the physical body, thats not my true introduction. When my consciousness rises, I start understanding who I am, and the moment I learn who I really am, my limitations start disappearing and I start materializing things that I want in my life. My outlook is totally changed, and my introduction is totally changed. As mentioned before, every subtle body is more powerful than the gross body and my physical body is y grossest body.

So what are my other bodies?

The Etheric Body - This is called the pran-shareera, and is the energy body more powerful than the physical body.

The Astral body - This is called the man-shareera and is y mind body. This astral body is more powerful than the etheric body.

Causal Body - This is called the gyan-shareera or the knowledge body. This is more powerful than my astral body.

As I enter my higher bodies, I see that y limitations start disappearing, and I find I can achieve and do any things as I have access to y higher subtle bodies. And once my consciousness rises to my real self, which is the soul, the atma, that is the time I realize that I am not this body, but I am the supreme consciousness, the creator myself.

The moment your consciousness is established in the higher bodies, you find you can achieve anything in life. You can heal yourself, you can materialize things that you earlier thought impossible, you can create happy relationships and achieve wonderful peace of mind.

But the only thing is that you will have to rise from body consciousness to a higher consciousness level, and for that we do certain meditation processes. These are sacred meditational process that were developed by the Siddhas or ancient masters, and as you do, you will start shedding down your limitations and automatically rise up and up.

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