Churning Process of Meditation

Hidden in the Indian mythological stories is a teachings on the process of learning to meditate. According to an indian mythology, angels and demons were born by the will of god. They decided to churn the great ocean of milk to get the nectar of immortality hidden within. For this process, Mount Meru was used as a churning rod and Vasuki the great serpent was used as a rope. The angels pulled on one end and demons the other and thus the churning began.

Now the story continues but we must understand the relevance of these stories as it relates to us. The indian scriptures have many such stories which have a much deeper and personal meaning than what is apparent. These are deeply rooted in the science of the self.

If we look at our body, we are over 70 percent water - that is the great ocean of the churning story. The in-breath represents the angels and the out-breath represents the demons. The great serpent is our consciousness, which is represented as a serpent called kundalini shakti and the great mountain is a reference to our base chakra or mooladhar which represents the earth element in our body. When we meditate on our breath, the internal churning begins.

As the story goes, the first thing that came out of the ocean was the deadly poison which the god mercifully took away. In our analogy, when we start the purification process with meditation, the first obstacle we face is that all the latent negative emotions start getting released - the poison that can destroy us. When we meditate on the mantras, these sounds are a representation of the healing vibrational energies which they referred to as god and which have the vibrational frequency to negate the negativity that gets released when we first start meditating.

Next in the story come jewels and riches which the angles and demons divide among themselves. In our analogy, as we loose the negativity from our thoughts we become more focussed and peaceful, the natural outcome of that is we start excelling in whatever we set our mind to and that brings in the success in our life.

Finally the nectar of immortality comes out of the churning, as we achieve more and more in life and release more and more negativity through meditation, we start becoming more and more content. As a result we stop complaining and start developing an attitude of loving kindness. This is our move towards the god consciousness which is refereed to as the nectar of immortality.

As we move from gross to subtle to subtlest, we realize that sound is also an energy and by enhancing ourselves with positive sounds and thoughts we move towards a happy and peaceful life. The celestial sounds meditation of Durga Saptshati represent the most sacred and positive vibrations that were deciphered by ancient masters in deep states of meditation and are hence capable of bringing miraculous changes in our lives.

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