Give Direction to the Mind

When we visualize or problems, we start producing the vibrations of the problems. Emotionally we start feeling those problems. These emotions and thoughts create the energy of the problem and then the problems start materializing in our lives.

"I am the creator of my own destiny"

If we witness everything in life, then we can create anything we desire. If we remain happy in all situations, then we can start creating a life that we desire using the power of our thoughts and emotions. Happiness is the neutral gear. If first we are able to remain calm and happy in a given situation, then we are able to take a new direction and decide where we want to go.

In order to do that it is important to understand that whatever the current situation we are in was created by the same process in the first place. It however was created by accident since we were not in control of our thoughts and emotions. Once we learn to be conscious of our thoughts and emotions, we can be happy with the understanding that now I can create a life that I desire.

I am not this body, this body is mine.

I am not this mind, this mind is mine.

I am not this thought, this thought is mine.

I am the master of my own destiny.

The real I within you needs to take command of the body, mind and thoughts to create a life you desire.This body is like a chariot, the mind is the driver, and the 5 senses are the horses of the chariot. The passenger whom they all serve is the real you. If I can give the right direction to my mind and senses, they will take me towards where I want to go, but if I am unable to control my mind and senses, they may drag me down the hill and the chariot may break. This is what causes all problems and disease in our life. If the chariot is healthy, mind is balanced and senses are sharp, then the journey will take me to my destination.

But we cannot force the mind to think what we want, it is not possible to even do that. But we need to give direction to the mind to get us to our destination. The mind is under the influence of our karma, and if we need to control the mind, we will have to release the karma by doing meditations. As the karmic factors that grip the mind are released, the mind starts moving towards positivity.

If you say you will start thinking positive from today since you know that is what creates life around you, it will not be possible since the unresolved issues control the mind. If the issues are not resolved, the mind will not become normal. But if we resolve the issues by doing disciplined meditations, the karma get dissolved and the same thinking pattern that was negative, now becomes positive.

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