Karma - What Goes Around?

All the words we speak and the thoughts we create produce certain energy. This energy gets stored in our physical, metal, emotional and energy bodies.

When people come in contact with us, they subconsciously start reflecting and acting on what they experience in our aura. Therefore the energy we produce is directly responsible for what is happening in our lives. This is how the energy and Karma work.

The degree to which this karma effects our lives depends on how much we amplify our thoughts. For example if someone cheats on a person, that person could either choose to let go of the negativity and move on or hold grudge and feelings of revenge. Holding on to negative energy will attract similar or worst incidents in their lives.

Therefore, even more so than the physical action, the thoughts feelings or energy we produce in association with an active or passive action is what constitutes our karma.

Theoretically, by simply avoiding negative thinking, once can essentially escape the clutches of karma and lead a blissful life. However, this is much easier said than done. Repeated thought patterns in our mind enter the subconscious mind and eventually enter our knowledge body. Subconscious thought patterns are not very easy to identify.

It is like when we first learn how to drive a car we are completely aware and focused on all the parts of the machinery like brakes, gears, steering wheel etc…but eventually with practise when driving enters the subconscious we can multitask while driving like drinking coffee or talking on the phone while driving. In the same way, negative thought patterns when they enter our sub-conscious start controlling our thought patterns involuntarily.

Fortunately, there have been many masters who created actions that help remove the negativity from our subtle bodies, and free us from the clutches of karma. These actions involve certain physical exercises also know as pran yoga which help purify our energy body and meditations on the energy centers as well as our subtle bodies using certain sounds to dissipate the negative energy at the subtlest levels.

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