Let Go of All Negative Emotions

There is one phycology in behavorial sciences around which all human society revolves.

That is called the "fight or flight

In humans and animals this behavior is similar. If we want something from someone, we fight for it and when we see that we are weak, we run away.

The second phycology is called Survival of the fittest

Whoever is the strongest, dominates the rest. This is also called the alpha male phenomenon. In the animal kingdom, we see that the strongest male in the herd of say lions, has all the lioness around him while the other males of the herd are left outside of the group.

In humans, a person thinks that if I am able to eliminate all competition, I will reach the top, but this is animal behaviour. There are three tendencies which are there in all humans:

1. Animal Tendency or Pashu Bhav

This is the fight or flight and the survival of the fittest. The feelings of jealousy and resentment, rise from this tendency, because if the person is unable to dominate, then that person starts sulking and feeling depressed. This tendency dictates that I will rise only when everyone else falls.

2. Human Tendency or Manushya Bhav

This is human behavior where focus on our own growth rather than looking or competing with other person. Swami Ramakrishna, a great saint in the ancient India, taught this to his students with a very appropriate example. He drew a line and told his students to make the line shorter, without rubbing or harming it.

The first thought that comes is to erase an end of it and that should do the trick, but that is animal tendency. Trying to rub the other persons line to make yourself stronger. But by simply drawing a longer line next to it, you can make the other line shorter. This is the human tendency, to focus on our own growth rather than trying to finish the other person. By raising our consciousness, releasing all unresolved issues and negative psychic impressions, our line becomes longer automatically.

3. God Tendency or Dev Bhav

This is the feeling of unconditional love and oneness a person develops when the consciousness rises with fulfillment of ones own desires in life. The person starts to see oneness in all the people and develops empathy towards problems of others. This is the tendency where a person serves selflessly for the greater good of the society.

As there person is born, the consciousness is at the lowest level or the pashu bahv, as the consciousness grows, and the person satisfies his own desires he starts realizing the manushya bhav and finally when one is content with his own life, he starts to develop love and empathy towards everyone and moves towards dev bhav.

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