Mindfulness - Commanding the Body to Heal

When we think of anything, we direct our energy there. Thoughts are little packets of energy that the mind created from the source of cosmic energy. Wherever we direct our thoughts, energy starts flowing. If we direct it inwards, the energy starts to flow inwards and the healing of the body begins.

We direct the energy inwards by starting the process of communication with our body. Self communication is very important if we wish to start the self healing process of the body. We need to learn to focus our energy on our own self rather than outside.

Till now, we were scattering our energy outside due to ignorance and hence felt helpless. When we get disease, we feel like nothing can help us now. But we must remember, what we helped create within ourselves, we have the power to annihilate as well. Every cell in our body has a mind of its own, and our endocrine system works with the direction of the invisible self. If we do not believe in our disease and put our belief in the self, the process of regeneration starts.

We need to tell the body through internal dialogue to heal itself. Tell them mind to produce the medicine for the disease, then we start getting healed. The placebo effect, is living proof what the power of mind can do to help cure the disease. The fact that this effect exists, confirms to us that the mind has the power to heal us.

We can enhance that power by adding belief in the self and multiply it by using techniques that will help attract more and more cosmic energy into our systems.

We can even start to heal our relationships using the same principles. When we are in anger, resentment or hatred due to some bad relationships, the secretion from the endocrine system changes to that of toxins. When we are happy and peaceful, the secretion changes to that of healing. Emotion becomes our real power when the journey within starts.

In cosmic yog we create more and more emotion of happiness and peace and then command the body to start the healing process. By meditating on each and every organ, tissue and cell of the body, we acknowledge our body and the body starts responding, then we give command to the body to heal and miracles start to happen.

Similarly in relationships when we command ourselves to be happy, confident and affirm that everyone loves us, we create and send out the corresponding energy waves. And, whosoever comes into our energy field, starts loving us.

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