Mindfulness - The Here and Now

"Yesterday is gone, the Tomorrow is uncertain, and the Today is a gift - thats why its called the Present"

In cosmic mindfulness, the state of being is in the here and now. But whenever we sit in solitude, thoughts come. Thats means if you are reading this article and thinking about something else, then the mind leaves the body and goes there. So the body is physically present here, but the mind has left the body.

When the mind leaves the body, the power of the mind leaves the body as well. Our mind power constitutes over 99 percent of the power in our body. So with 99 percent gone we are left with just 1 percent. With this 1 percent power, we drag the body and try to understand what is happening around us. As a result we get stressed and turn to external stimuli like alcohol or drugs to make us feel better. What else can we do with this 1 percent, it will get stressed.

If however, we are 100% present in our body, we will be very fit, healthy and energized. From mindfulness, we move towards mastering our destiny. We can start the process of regeneration in the body. The body has great capacity to heal itself, and it will rejuvenate itself, if we direct it to do so with the power of the mind. However, if we fill our minds with garbage, then garbage is what the body will process and regenerate.

Therefore, it is very important that when beginning our mindfulness journey, that we align our body with the mind. To do so, we must remain in the here and now. Whenever we think of something other than here and now, the mind leaves the body and we become powerless.

The process of mindfulness, hence starts with Mastering the Body. When we identify with the body as ourselves, the body starts controlling us. We are swayed by the moods and desires of the senses, and start to harm ourselves with overindulgence.

If we understand that we are not this body, but rather body is something that belongs to us, then we start to control it and take care of it. Its like if you own a nice car, you would take care of it, similarly if we look at our body as a priceless possession, we will start taking care of it more and more and be easily able to direct it where and how we want the body to be.

The mantra here is - "I am not this body - this body is mine".

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