Mindfulness - Power of the Mind

In the human body, the mind power that the most brilliant person uses is only about 3 to 4% according to the psychologists. 97% of the mind power is in sleeping or dormant state and needs to be activated.

If we look at it medically, then the most fundamental particle of our body is the cell. The cell has a nucleus and within the nucleus is our DNA. If we study the DNA, then every person has only 3% active DNA and 97% is inactive, which is medically known as junk DNA. So physically and mentally we are only about 3% active, and that is the reason why we experience helplessness, because if we use only 3% of our total potential, what else can we feel.

As we release the negative psychic impressions from the mind, we start activating the dormant portion of the mind, and our life starts getting better. Mindfulness is the process by which, we become aware of our mind and take control of our lives. But for that to happen, we must understand the mind first.

The human mind is made of 2 main parts, the conscious mind, which is about 3% of the total mind power and the sub-conscious mind which is the rest 97% power. Most people are only aware of the conscious part. The real power of the mind, however lies in the subconscious part.

Any action or thought that we repeat consciously, enters the subconscious mind. For example when we first learn how to drive, we do it consciously. We have to be very careful of steering wheel, the rear view mirror, the traffic lights, other cars on the road and an array of other things. Yet, we still sometimes end up making mistakes. However, with enough practice, as the driving enters our subconscious mind, we can drive effortlessly. We sometime even sip a coffee or talk on the phone while driving. So we see the subconscious mind is very powerful.

It is therefore very important to identify and activate the sub-conscious mind if we are to achieve what we desire in our life.

Our subconscious mind is driven by repeated actions and thought patterns. Something we continuously do or think enters the subconscious mind and then these actions and thinking patterns become hard wired in our behavior. So it makes sense for us to make sure that our subconscious mind is a repository of positive actions and thought patterns so it can assist us in our lives.

If however, negative thought patterns and ignorance enters our subconscious mind, that creates a blockage and hinders our actions and thinking in a negative way. Anger, hatred, doubt, resentment, basically all emotions that have a low frequency and that make us feel bad, when get accumulated in the sub-conscious mind, block the flow of power.

For us to reactivate and use the subconscious mind to our advantage, it is important that we start releasing all of these emotions. Fortunately, there have been many self realized masters who created actions that help remove this negativity from our mind.

These actions involve certain physical exercises also known as Pranic-Yoga which help purify our energy body and meditations using certain sounds to dissipate this negative energy at the subtlest levels.

The course in Cosmic Mindfulness- Mastering the Mind, activates and purifies our subconscious so we can start living our lives to our fullest potential by using the latent power of our mind.

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