Mindfulness - Strength come from Purification

In mindfulness, we start moving our thoughts and energies to ourselves so that we can experience the here and now. We must not envy other people because in doing so, we connect with them and start sending our energies towards them.

Jealousy is a very negative feeling. We must learn to focus our energy towards our own growth.

Jealousy and anger become reasons for unhappiness and sorrow in our own lives.

In nature, we can earn either blessings or curse. When we are happy about other peoples success, nature blesses us with success, but if we become jealous, the message we send to nature is that I do not like growth and success, and that it what starts manifesting in our own lives.

Therefore, we must learn to accept and appreciate everyone around us. We must never compete with others, rather we must compete with ourselves.

Am I better today than I was Yesterday? Will I better Tomorrow than I am Today.

When we think like that, we begin to purify ourselves, and start moving towards cosmic consciousness, and with that comes the real strength and power in us.

So in order to grow, we must purify ourselves at all levels - physically, emotionally and mentally. To do that we will need to see, hear, think and speak only positive things. Now thinking and speaking positive is must because that is in our control. By speaking positive, I don't mean flattery but rather purity of intention in whatever we do or say.

In nature, whatever we give comes back to us many fold. If we give love to others, we see everyone starts loving us. If we are happy in other peoples success, then success starts coming our way. So, if we want happiness, we should give happiness, and many fold it will come back to us. If we want to be loved, we must start loving others, if we want people to help us, we must develop and attitude of service and selflessness towards everyone. On the other hand if we want people to hate us, we should start hating others and manyfold we will find hatred coming towards us also.

So it is very simple law of nature.

If you want good things to happen to you, you must do good to others.

In the "others", our body and mind are the first things that are included. We do good things to our body and mind like exercise and meditation, they reward us manyfold with good health and peace of mind. We must understand:

I am not this body, this body is mine. I am not the mind, this mind is mine.

Like our parents, or children or spouse belong to us, our body and mind also belong to us and we must take utmost care of them.

So if we want to do good then we must do good towards our body and mind first. Then we must do good for the family we live with because that is our karmic responsibility and finally we must do good for the community and society we are a part of. Charity begins at home.

So first is the body that we must take care of. This body has been serving us from the day we were born, but what have we done for the body? We work so hard outside to achieve things in life, but how will we enjoy these things. Our body is the medium through which we experience everything in life.

So it is very important to take care of our body. We must do physical exercises to keep our muscles fit. But we must also understand our energy bodies and start to purify them as well. It is known that any disease that comes into the physical body, comes into the energy body at-least 6 moths in advance and at that level it is much easier to remove it from our system. Even easier it is to remove the disease at the mind and knowledge body levels once we learn how to enter these bodies.

Fortunately for us, there are mindful breathing techniques that can help detoxify our physical and etheric bodies and cosmic energy meditations that can help purify the mind and knowledge bodies.

The point of doing all this is to raise the frequency of our body. It is known medically that, a diseased individual has a much lower vibrational frequency of the body as compared to a healthy individual. In the cosmic yog, we know that in order to raise our vibrational frequency, we need to do certain Pranic Kriyas or Energy breathing exercise and meditations of the mind.

Our goal in cosmic mindfulness is then to raise the frequency of our physical body so it merges with that of the energy body, raise the frequency of the energy body so it merges with the conscious mind, raise the frequency of the conscious to that of sub-conscious, and finally of the sub-conscious to that of cosmic consciousness. It is at this stage that we become the master of our own destiny.

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