Pranayama - Breath is Life

Updated: May 29, 2020

In order to get maximum benefit from any meditative practice, it is important to make sure the flow of energy in the body is free of hinderance and blockages.

Its like before planting a seed in the field, the farmer has to plough the field to give the seed maximum chance of germinating, in the same way we need to do pranayama for optimal energy distribution and achieve maximum benefit from meditation.

The energies in the body get blocked and accumulated in different parts of the body due to lack of proper exercise, kinds of food we eat and pollution in the atmosphere. Its like suppose there is a bucket of water u just filled. The water is initially fresh, but what happens if the bucket remains there for a few days, a few weeks, or months - the water becomes unusable and dirty. Insects might take birth in it and the water is completely unusable. However, if you see the water in a flowing river, it remains consistent and fresh.

In the same way, when we keep moving our energies with the help of exercise and pranayama, the flow of energy keeps us healthy. It is very important that we detoxify ourselves to achieve optimal health. When we excrete undigested food in the bathroom, that gives us 3% detoxification. Urination is another 7% and 20% we detoxify through the sweating from our body. But that is still 30%. What about the 70% left. The 70% that remains is done through our breath and Pranayama is the means to accelerate and enhance the 70% detoxification process.

When we do Pranayama, the invisible pranic energy starts flowing in the body and the body and mind become completely healthy. It is very easy to achieve complete health and become disease free by doing pranayama. It is known that any disease that manifest in the body, manifest itself our energy or prani body atleast 6 months before. At this stage it is considerably easy to get rid of the disease at the energy level by doing the pranic breathing exercises.

Pranayama has been given a special importance in all forms of yoga. By doing pranayama our meditations go very deep. By simply using these breathing techniques without any other tool or equipment, we can achieve so much benefit.

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