Science of Beej Mantras

Beej mantras are sounds that are said to have immense healing capacity to cure our bodies of many ailments. These Beej Mantras are derived from the sanskrit alphabet.

The Science Behind Beej Mantras

If we look at our physical bodies, we have 32 vertebra in our back bone. In the same way if we look at the sanskrit alphabet from which all the beej mantras are derived, it also contains 32 speech symbols - each of these symbols corresponding to a particular vertebra in our backbone. Thus the sound of these alphabets causes vibrations in our backbone.

Scientifically, sound can heal the body by causing vibrations in the body. The beej mantras, when pronounced, produce very positive vibrations in our vertebra. Our Spinal cord is situated within these vertebra and the Spinal cord in turn is an integral part of our central nervous system, it is directly connected to the brain and the nerves which are spread throughout our body.

By using these beej mantras, we are able to send these positive vibrations into our central nervous systems which starts the process of purifying and healing our physical body.

If we look at our physical body at the subtlest levels, our cells and atoms, then we are all made of energy. As we increase the vibrations of the molecules we go from solids to liquids to gasses to sounds and finally light which has the highest vibrations.

So by that definition, even our physical bodies are originating from sound and light. The frequency of this sound determines a healthy individual from an unhealthy one. Medical science also agrees with the fact that unhealthy individuals have a much lower vibrational frequency than healthy ones.

If we take a cell of our body which is the most fundamental solid part of the body, and divide it further, we get molecules, from molecules to atoms and from atoms to subatomic particles electrons, protons and neutrons which are nothing but energy charges. But it is here that the atomic power lies. Similarly, the immense power of Beej Mantras is revealed when we look at them at this sub-atomic level.

When we meditate on the beej mantras by doing the durga saptshati meditation, each and every atom of our body starts vibrating with the frequency of these sounds and the healing capacity is unparalleled.

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