The Causal Body - Knowledge and Belief

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The causal body is our 4th energy body. It is again a subtle body or an energy layer that exists within and outside the 3 lower or grosser bodies namely physical, etheric and astral bodies. The causal body is called the Gyan-May-Kosha which literally means that which is made of knowledge.

Now the human mind and senses are like a recording device. Everything we see, hear, smell, taste or feel - all our experiences get recorded and stored in the causal body. This also contains our belief system and the faith that we carry. Since all our thoughts are influenced by the experiences we have been through, so the causal body directly controls the astral body. So if we have negative belief system and negative experiences, we will be prone to negative thinking.

The incidents that happen in our life are only 3% of the data that is stored in the causal body. 97% of it is the emotions that we attach to these incidents. The same incident can create a different reaction in different people. For example if someone chats you, you may choose to forgive that person and move on with your life while another person may choose to hold non-forgiveness and a deep resentment. So in the same situation we see that different people react differently. When someone attaches a lot of negative emotions to these incidents, they become source of blockages that contaminate the causal body.

Now again, our breath is very important when it comes to accessing our causal body. For example when you get very angry, the rhythm of the breath changes, similarly when you are sad and cry, the breath starts flowing in a different rhythm. The emotions enter the causal body at this time, and once established there, start influencing all the other bodies long after the incident itself is over. This information starts affecting our thoughts in the astral body, which in turn affects our energy and mood in the etheric body and that finally starts affecting the physical body as well.

The root cause of all disease is hence said to be psychosomatic in the yogic laws. WHO says that 80% of all non-communicable or chronic disease is psychosomatic. In yogic culture it is believed that 100% of all disease is psychosomatic. And not just the disease, but all incidents of our life are also created by us through the mechanism of energies.

You see, our thoughts and feelings create a vibration. This vibration gives birth to energy in our subtle bodies, and as we amplify this energy through constant thinking patterns, this energy starts taking form of matter. So from vibrations to energy and from energy to matter - all is created by us.

In order for us to take control of this process, we must purify our causal body, so we can eliminate the root cause of all negativity from our lives.

So how do we purify the causal body?

In cosmic yog we use techniques and practices given to us by the ancient masters for this very process. The process involves first giving rhythm to the breath. As the breath flows in a certain rhythmic pattern, the negative psychic impressions from our energy bodies start coming to the surface and we start remembering these incidents again.

At this point we use the powerful sound energy of the beej mantras or cosmic sounds, to dissipate the negative energy in these incidents. As we release the negativity in this process, a person feels much lighter and at peace. Even though you will still remember the negative incidents, but now that we remove the 97% emotions and energies attached to the incident, the incident looses its grip on your mind and body. Start this process easily bay taking cosmic yogs' online course on Mastering the Mind.

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