The Glory of Durga Saptshati

The 700 verses of Durga Saptshati hold immense power and a very sacred place in the hindu scriptures. This meditation is said to act like a wish fulfilling tree for the devotee. The Beej mantras of DSS are the 700 celestial sounds that were discovered and deciphered by the ancient Indian Sage Markanday Maharishi in states of deep meditation.

It is the sounds of the divine universal feminine energy itself and is said to bestow the boons to fulfill all pure desires and bring miraculous changes in around you. It represent the grace of trinity of feminine energy. The 3 chapters of DSS are symbolized as the grace of 3 Goddesses.

1. Godess Maha-Kali - who destroys all negativity

2. Godess Maha- Laxmi - who bestows all wealth

3. Godess Maha-Saraswati - who bestows all knowledge and wisdom

The root cause of all disease and problems in life is psycho-somatic. What we think and feel causes vibrations in our body and these vibrations, when amplified cause physical problems and attract problems in our lives. So negative thoughts are in essence directly responsible for creating a negative reality for us. The DSS has 3 chapters, representing the 3 kinds of negative thoughts that grip us.

The first chapter talks about deamons Madhu and Kaitab. These are the demons of negative thought patterns that grip us according to what we hear from others. Madhu represents sweet talk and flattery while Kaitab represents harsh words. Either way when we start thinking negatively due to what we hear from others we start harming ourselves. Our endocrine systems start behaving in a certain way, and our energy centers start to get blocked. This leads to anxiety, disease and depression. In the first chapter Godess Maha-Kali kills the demons Madhu and Kaitab so what we hear from others looses its effect on us.

The second chapter is about Mahishasur, the shape shifting demon. This is a representation of our ego. When we are egoistic we keep becoming one thing or another and fail to see the reality as is. In the process we end up hurting ourselves due to our ego. When we become simple and humble, we start to see the truth. In the second chapter Godess Maha-Laxmi kills the demon Mahishasur so we are at peace with ourselves.

Finally, the third chapter deals with demons Shumb, Nishumb and Raktbeej. These demons represent the negative karmas that are stored in us due to ignorance. It is the emotions of lust, greed and anger that bring unwanted incidents in our lives. In the third chapter Godess Maha-Saraswati kills these demons and we become peaceful and content and start moving in the direction of success and happiness.

According to the Scriptures, this meditation, confers upon the practitioner, material abundance, heavenly pleasures and ultimate salvation. The recitation and meditation on Durga Saptshati, confers the following boons on the practitioner:

1. Diseases in the physical body get healed.

2. Obstacles are removed from ones life, and the path to success opens up.

3. All sorrow and paucity is replaced by happiness, well being and abundance.

4. Peace is restored by negating all enemies and planetary afflictions.

5. Abundance of wealth, material prosperity and divine children are conferred upon the practitioner.

6. Demons, Ghosts and Evil Spirits get destroyed.

7. All desires are easily obtained and experience of plentitude in life is seen.