Physical Body - the means to reach higher bodies

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Our physical body is called the Anna-May-Kosha in yogic terminology. It literally means that which is made of food. After we are born, with time, this body grows by accumulating the food we eat.

What you eat has a direct impact on your body. For example if you put alcohol in your body, the body will behave intoxicated, when you eat heavy food, the body gets sleepy and so on. So the physical body is directly responding to what you eat.

Now it is important to understand that if we want to activate the higher bodies, the physical body is the means to that end. If you are unhealthy or sick, it will not even be possible for you to sit in meditation to start the process of activating your subtle bodies.

So we must start by taking care of the physical body first. You do so much to achieve success in the outside world, but with what will you experience and enjoy what you achieve. Our physical body is the only means through which we can experience the world, so it is paramount that the body is healthy. Truly health is wealth. We must learn to look at our physical body like we do our priced material possessions like a car or jewelry. This body similarly belongs to you, and is your most precious possession.

So how do we take care of the body?

The first thing we need to look at is the food we eat. The food we eat should match in composition to the composition of the body for it to be agreeable and healthy to the body. Since the body is over 70 percent water, foods like raw fruits and salads, that are also mostly water should form a majority of our diet. Processed food that contain chemicals must be avoided and preference should be given to foods with bulk, fiber and high liquid content.

It is important that we eat in moderation. Food is supposed to give us energy. When we are hungry, we are depleted of energy. So when we eat, we should feel energized. Rather we feel lazy and sleepy after a hearty meal. This is because we sometimes eat so much, that the entire energy and focus of the body is spent in trying to digest the food, hence making us lethargic. So we must eat in moderation as per the requirements of the body.

Eat in moderation and also exercise in moderation. Too much exercise can lead to injury and pains in the body. The physical exercise is very important because it helps detoxify the body by removing the toxins that have accumulated due to unhealthy food, pollution or other contaminants that we have been in touch with. Sweating is very important since the skin is the largest organ covering the entire body, and when we sweat the pores of the skin release a lot of toxins from the body.

So we need to start eating healthy, exercising and sweating to keep our physical bodies fit. When we workout, we exercise our muscles and tissues, but we must also do some subtle exercises to workout the subtle parts of the body that get ignored from traditional workouts. For that we have a set of subtle exercises shown below which must be practiced every day to keep the senses sharp and disease free.

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Healing the Body

Now the physical body always listens to us, we ask the hands to rise, they rise. If we want to go somewhere, the legs start walking. If we sense fear, the body starts running. So our =body always listens to our command, we are just not aware of this fact.

By simply becoming aware of different parts of the body we start to energize and heal them. When was the last time you really thought about your heart or lungs or liver. When we ignore the body, the body starts to ignore us. In cosmic yog, we use the power of awareness to heal the internal organs of the body. When we bring our awareness to to different organs and parts of the body and direct the cosmic energy there, deep healing happens at the cellular level.

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