Transcend the Mind with Meditation

When we first start the process of meditation by bringing our focus to our breath, the mind starts to wander. The mind starts to wander because the nature of the mind is unstable. The more we try to focus the mind out of anything, the more it starts thinking about the same.

Lets say I tell you to stop thinking about monkeys, immediately the first thought that will come to your mind is that of a monkey and hence trying not to think of something actually works in quite the opposite way.

In meditation, we need to stabilize the mind and start looking inwards in order to release the negativity from within and experience the peace.

The thoughts that the mind produces are directly related to what our desires are. The more the desires, the more the thoughts. Now it is impossible to give up desires in life since that would defeat the purpose of life itself. It is our desire to live after all that keeps us going. But as our desires are fulfilled, we tend to grow out of those desires and start to desire the things of higher and subtle value. The quality goes up and quantity goes down.

Its like a child only desires his toys, but as he grows he develops fondness for companionship, wealth and financial independence. Similarly as our consciousness grows, the things that we desired at a lower state of consciousness start to diminish in value.

According to Maslows Law of Hierarchy, at lower level we have lots of needs, most of them basic about food, sex and shelter. As we achieve these basic needs, we begin to desire less and less until finally the desire for self realization.

So as we fulfill our desires, we start to stabilize our mind, and as we stabilize the mind, the number of thoughts become less and less and we are easily able to go in deep meditation.

This process of fulfilling the desires starts with the cosmic sounds of durga saptshati. Sound is a form of energy and these Beej Mantras carry the utmost positive energy vibrations. When we use these sounds, we begin sending out the corresponding vibrations of positivity. These vibrations start to materialize our desires and hence stabilize our mind as a result.

The Celestial Sounds Healing Course hence marks a foundation for our internal journey to begin. It is with fulfillment that we are able to transcend the mind not by ignoring or quietening it. The ancient masters understood this and in deep states of meditation, they heard these sounds at high levels of spirituality and deciphered them for us so that we all can benefit in life. They understood what we now know as Maslow's Law and invented techniques and sounds that would help us move in the direction of self realization.