Unconditional Love - Our Ultimate Power

When we start forgiving people and accepting them for the way they are, we essentially give way to unconditional love.

Unconditional love is love without any expectations. It is the love, that a mother has for her children and that we have for our pets. In nature, it is the unconditional love when the flower gives us fragrance, the trees give us shade and the sun gives us heat and light without asking anything in return, regardless of how we feel about them.

Unconditional love is our real power. It is the only thing that truly belongs to us, and we can share it. This body, you got from your parents. the money, you gather from the world. But unconditional love is truly yours. Yours to give freely without any fear of losing anything.

Unconditional love is the only energy that flows more and more to us from the universe, the more we give it. As we practice unconditional love, our heart chakra opens up and the blockages in our physical body get released. And as the flow of cosmic energy is enhanced our body starts healing itself.

The energy of unconditional love has the power to mutate all other forms of energy. When we start radiating this energy, anyone who enters our energy field, regardless of their initial agenda, starts loving us instead. This is the power of unconditional love. Any enemies you might have will loose all their power and become exhausted. All good and helpful people will start getting attracted to you, and would simply like to be around you because your presence itself starts healing people by mutating their negativities.

Now, its easy to love someone who likes you, but how can you love people who are not nice to you. It is important to understand that unconditional love is not about the other person at all, but rather being true to our very own innate nature. And when we are true to our nature, we enhance our own well being and great things start happening in our lives. We heal our physical body and start to activate our dormant mind and start living life to the fullest potential.

There is a story of buddha, once he was crossing a river and saw a scorpio drowning in the water, out of love, buddha tried to save it,but the scorpio bit his hand and fell into the water again. Buddha again tried to help him and still the scorpio bit him yet again. Finally, buddha managed to get the scorpio out of the water and hence saved the scorpios life. One of his disciples asked buddha, why did you go out of the way to save the scorpio when he was clearly harming you in the process. To this buddha replied

"The nature of the scorpio is to bite, and even while drowning he did not give up his nature, in the same way the nature of humans is unconditional love, if the scorpio did not give up his nature even in the face of death, why would I give up mine for a mere bite on the hand"

This means that when we love, we are being true to our own nature and experience the bliss that come with unconditional love instead of someone else defining our nature.

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