Cosmic Yog - Pranayama for Back Pain & Energy Healing for Spine

COS 108 - Use the Power of Breath to cure Back Pain! Alleviate your Pain & Strengthen your Spine with Yoga


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Pranayama for Back Pain ~ Cosmic Energy Healing for Spine

Video Contents

1. Pranayama - Breath is Life

It's no secret that the medical community is accepting the idea that Yoga can bring relief for persistent back pain, and  how healing Yoga can be for back pain. Pranayama is a branch of yoga that uses the power of breath to enhance the flow of cosmic energy in the body, to heal and cure ailments at the energy levels so as the eliminate the root cause of the issues.

These energy breathing techniques are a miracle cure for healing the spine completely and permanently. The pranayama breathing was developed by ancient indian yoga masters to heal and cure all ailments naturally. By using the power of breath we are able to enhance the flow of cosmic energy or the life force energy in elaborate breathing techniques that make your spine completely healthy and pain free.

These exercises cure the problem from the root cause rather than provide symptomatic relief. When you practice these breathing techniques and subtle yogic movements and exercises, instantly you will get relief from your back problems and as you continue to practice daily you will be able to completely eliminate all back problems and move towards a strong and health spinal column.

4. Guidelines for Practice

Study material on Mindfulness - Mastering the Body, how to continue regular meditation practice daily and further online meditation courses to consider.


Pranayama for Back Pain ~ Cosmic Energy Healing for Spine

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