Cosmic Yog - Life Partner Manifestation ~ Heal & Break the Past Patterns

COS 109 - Attract Soulmate Love, Heal Toxic Relationship Patterns and Radiate the Frequency to Find & Love Your Life Partner


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Life Partner Manifestation ~ Heal & Break the Past Patterns

Video Contents

What You'll Learn

  • Powerful Cosmic Yog Neuro Completion Meditation to Release limiting beliefs that are currently blocking you from real love and create new, empowering ones

  • Forgive, Release Ties and Heal Wounds That Are Blocking Soulmate Love and Break Repeating Dating, Relationship, Love Patterns

  • Create Powerful Intentions in Your Chit Shakti that Magnetize Your Energy Field to Attract Your Life Partner

  • Attract a Soulmate Partner That Loves and Respects You

Kama Veda (Love) of which the Kamasutra is one of the chapters is defined as one of the 4 main pillarsto lead a successful content life in sacred ancient indian scriptures. The others being Artha Veda (Wealth), Dharm Veda (Responsibilities & Duties) and Moksha Veda (Self Realization). As such attracting a loving relationship with your one true soulmate is given great importance in this ancient culture. 

This 3 module course is is based on the ancient indian science of karmic healing meditations  and is designed specifically to completely change your relationship patterns and, attract the love you really want in your life along with finding the best version of yourself within.

1. Break Repeating Dating, Relationship, Love Patterns - We will forgive, release ties and heal wounds that are blocking Soulmate Love by means of powerful meditations. As we release the incompletions from the past, the strong thought currents that are driving our future loose control on us and our future is liberated from the expressions of the past.

2. Become Your Most Dynamic, Radiant Self - We will learn how like energy attracts like energy and use powerful meditations to upgrade our own energy so that we become the best version of ourselves and a magnet to the love we wish to attract.

3. Create Energy to Magnetize Love & Attract a Soulmate Partner That Loves and Respects You - We will become crystal clear and focused on the love relationship that we would like attract and begin to visualize the future life with our soulmate. After this section you will be able to envision your soulmate and we will use powerful meditations to send out the message to the universe to attract a soulmate that shares your life vision and path.

By the end of this program you will feel renewed, rejuvenated, excited, and ready to attract the love your heart desires!

Who this course is for:

  • Must course for anyone who is looking to start a relationship.

  • Anyone who wants to heal their current relationship by breaking old negative patterns

  • It will help you unburden the past negativity for a happy and healthy new relationship.


Life Partner Manifestation ~  Heal & Break the Past Patterns

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