The Durga Saptshati

COS 101 - Durga Saptshati is the most powerful and sacred text of ancient indian scriptures. In these Beej Mantras is the healing grace of the divine mother.

Human Body

COS 102 - Understand what cosmic mindfulness means, and how the mind creates. Learn about the positive possibilities in our lives when we get established in our mind


COS 103 - Learn the ancient technology to master the breath to regulate and heal the body. Energy breathing techniques to enhance the flow of cosmic energy in the body.

Healing the Past

 COS 104 - Release all Negative Psychic Impressions, Past Traumas and Anxiety to Activate Your DNA and Enhance Subconscious Mind so you can take control of your life

The Five Energy Bodies

COS 105 - When we activate and learn to enter into higher bodies, our limitations drop. We can heal ourselves, materialize our desires and create wonderful relationships 

The Seven Chakras

COS 106 - Learn and use Mantras for purifying the chakras and empowerment and cleansing using the cosmic sounds to purify the aura and enhance the quality of life.

Pranayama for Sexual Health

COS 107 - Cosmic Breathing Exercises to perk up the endocrine organs and mudras to increase blood flow to the genitals, which improves both erectile and orgasmic responses.


COS 108 - Use the Power of Breath to cure Back Pain & Strengthen your Spine. These energy breathing techniques are a miracle cure for healing the spine completely and permanently.


COS 109 - Heal Toxic Relationship Patterns and Radiate the Frequency to Find Your Life Partner, Create Energy to Magnetize Love & Attract a Partner That Loves and Respects You

Immunity pranayama

COS 110 - Ancient Yogic Energy Breathing Techniques to Enhance and Boost Your Immune System Naturally & Safely


Cosmic Rebirth to Activate the Dormant Energies and Powers by Purifying and Empowering your Energy Centers

DNA Activation

Repairing, Activating and Empowering the DNA Strands in Your Cells Nucleus for a Divine and Fresh New Start to Life


 Om Tatvamasi  - "I am that I am"

The CosmicYog School of Cosmic Mindfulness brings to you the knowledge and wisdom of Ancient Indian Masters and Siddhas who dedicated their lives to study the inner sciences on the spiritual levels for the enhancing humanity on physical, mental and spiritual planes. This great wisdom was accumulated over a period of thousands of years and passed on from generation to generation through the lineage of the ascended masters. These Masters or Siddhas, cultivated the inner science and technology that helps dissipate the negative energy at the subtlest levels of our physical and energy bodies to activate our DNA and enhance our mental powers so we can achieve a state of peace, success, harmony and bliss in our lives.

"Seek and it Shall be given to the Seeker"- Your journey begins from within.